viernes, 31 de diciembre de 2010

Animation Mentor - Class1 - Week 12

This week was for make a recopilation of all the assigments in class 1 and make a progress reel whit them.

First class have ended, and I learned so much, I´m gonna miss my classmates and my Mentor, but.. the show must go on!

Thanks to everyone who helped me to be better and better, and All my readers in this blog too!

See you in next class!! which will be BODY MECHANICS!!! amaaaaaaaaaaziiiiiiing!!!!!!!

Animation Mentor - Class1 - Week 10 and 11

Aaaaaaaaaaaand.. The final assigment was the most exciting one!, We had almost no rules for this. This assigment was make a walkcycle with personality!

I chose a happy-cartoony style and at the first time I didn´t know how to resolve, but after many many walk references from myself, and many cartoony others I made a mix of those and I had the walk that I wanted.

Then, I added a jump in order to make it happier and give more texture to the whole shot. Personally, I liked so much!

My mentor Paul give me some tips for make it better, and shure I will do it.

Here is guys:

Animation Mentor - Class1 - Week 8 and 9

Well, yeah I know, I have been very lazy about write the new entries in my blog!, sorry guys, but I´m here again!

Week 8 and 9 were for a walkcycle in his basis form, y mean, we should make a walkcycle without personality and in those two weeks all the assigments were very similar hahaha, This excersice were for understand the mechanics of a walkcycle, The thing very important that I learned was the way to fix the pops in the knees. I didn´t know that we could tweak them!

lunes, 15 de noviembre de 2010

Animation Mentor - Class1 - Week 7


Eeeeyy!! This is turning so fun! I liked so much this assigment, could be because now we could put personality to our squirrel-ball named "Tailor".

Here there is:

Tailor from Aristides Gomez on Vimeo.

Animation Mentor - Class1 - Week 6


Hi everybody, this week I had to move a pendulum. For this week we learn the principle of animation called Overlaping, wich is: something that moves first will drag the rest of the parts, could be an arm, or leg, spine, tail, ears, hair, almost anything.

Something without overlaping will seems robotic. So... overlaping is not easy, I spent many hours traying to figured out how the tail will move depending on the movement block.

But well, here is the result:

Pendulum from Aristides Gomez on Vimeo.

Animation Mentor - Class1 - Week 5

Obstacle Course!

Sorry guys, I´ve been very busy these weeks, and I´ve not be able to upload my week assigments!

But here there are more of them. In week 5 we had to animate a ball going through an obstacle course. Yes! things are been harder but funnier too. I always think in things that exceeds the time I have for mi assigment, and this is something that I really have to dealing every assigment, still far.

But well, Im not so happy with this idea, I think i could do something more interesting or entertaining. At least I´m happy with the principles learned in this assigment.

Here there is:

Obstacle Course from Aristides Gomez on Vimeo.

domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010

Animation Mentor - Class1 - Week 4

Week 4

This week have been a little bit quite, cause we had to make just two assigments. One sketch for 2 bouncing balls (on heavy ball and other one a light ball), and the other assigment was animatet that balls in Maya.

It´s dificult especially animate the beach ball because this has bouncing beetwen a basket ball and a ballon, and most of the times you felt in a ballon feel. But I think the result of my animation was great! What do you think? !!!

Animation Mentor - Bounicng heavy and light ball from Aristides Gomez on Vimeo.